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$300 for ZEN CARD & ORGONE


TRIO™ Bioresonance Technology

Re-balance the whole body and provide an environment where the body either cures itself or realigns negative, harmful frequencies into frequencies the body can assimilate.

  • in harmony with the principles of acupuncture and homeopathy which rely on energy flow
  • continually helps to keep the energy flowing in your entire body



What you can expect from your new TRIO™ energy card :

  • need no external energy source, no maintenance, and works permanently with an almost unlimited life span
  • help boost your body and minds potential to greater levels of wellbeing


How to Use:

  • Always carry the card throughout your day, best in your pocket.
  • Place card under beverages and foods for 30 seconds or more. This restructures your water and beverages to the hexagonal structure of nature and they will be more hydrating and detoxifying. Tastes will also greatly improve, and chlorine in water will no longer smell or taste as bad etc. This will also neutralize chemicals and pesticides etc. so that they are much less harmful to you.
  • Also place under shampoo or cosmetics etc. Place on shower head when showering for a relaxed shower with less chemical effects in the water. Also simply place card in bathtub when bathing.
  • Place the card on any pain areas of the body for pain relief and faster recovery from injuries.
  • Place card near bed when sleeping, or under pillow if it is not to intense.