Be Nurtured by Nature: 

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”. W.B.Yeats

  • learn how plants and trees can purify, protect, and be an ally
  • realign physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies
  • ground your life vision and clarify your leadership style

Join the SOMA program to cultivate trust and intimacy with plants and trees in your backyard.  Experience the potency of fire, water, earth and air to awaken and heal.

The SOMA Program Includes:

  • 5 training modules
  • 1-3 month diet with a local plant/tree
  • 3-12 private sessions
  • 3 group support calls
  • optional live Eco-meditation retreat
  • BONUS: 1 Year access to online psychedelic private members group ($240 VALUE)

5 SOMA Modules: Earth – Water – Air – Fire – Center

EARTH – Awareness – Ground your vision
WATER – Emotional IQ – Trust your intuitive body
AIR – Inspiration – Speak your truth


FIRE – Opportunities – Act with courage
CENTER – Unite – Peace with allies
“The big problem with our modern society is that we feel we are separated from nature.
But it’s just the opposite. We are interrelated and our DNA is the same.
And only when human beings understand that, nature will not be an obstacle.”
Marina Abramovic

Student comments (TIPSS=SOMA)




What SOMA offers:

1) Purification, protection, wisdom, and insight from plants and trees:

Beyond the materialistic pharmacology of medical herbalism there awaits relationship.  You are invited into this communion by plants and trees – sentient beings who are vastly different than you, yet whose existence and intelligence are essential to your well-being.

2) Healing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances:

As you deepen communication with your Allies, a Mysterious and powerful exchange can begin.  Their companionship in your body, emotions and mind will changes you.  Untangled by the forces that ensnare human consciousness, they can support you towards liberation.  Healing occurs organically, from the inside out, from the bottom up.

3) Revitalized health and wellness:

Freed from ancient hurts long buried, your innate vitality can shine forth, unobstructed.  The weight can be lifted and your body can respond: Relief, fatigue, rest, nourishment, and then, a new flourishing of life, a renaissance.  It’s so simple, and your Allies will delight in the journey with you.

4) Awakening into your Ecological Self:

Belonging is grounded in meaningful relationships. Through relationship with your plant Allies, your intimate community will expand to include the flora of our world. You can more deeply awaken to your membership in a richly ensouled universe.

5) Establishing your life vision and leadership:

The most aligned and wholesome vision for your life began as a seed of deep inspiration.  Let your new plant Allies rekindle, reconnect, and inspire yours.



SOMA is appropriate for a beginner who knows nothing about plants as well as for an expert who has studied plants for years. The program focuses on connecting with the spiritual intelligence of plants based on the Vegetalismo tradition in South America which is still relatively new in North America.



Within the Vegetalismo tradition in South America, plant teachers are believed to possess spirits that communicate with humans and through ‘plant diets’ can be used to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. The ‘dieta’ is a core practice to connect with the wisdom of plant teachers. Traditional vegetalista diets take place in isolation in the Amazonian jungle, however 1Center has translated this traditional indigenous dieta practice into SOMA, a new methodology to serve the needs of North Americans who are ready for an introduction to plant spirits, including local plants. SOMA allows North Americans to diet in their home environment so they can continue fulfilling their familial and work obligations. There are additional levels for those interested in more advanced training.  The duration of SOMA is typically 6 weeks, however longer durations may be arranged on a case-by-case basis. The SOMA journey is for alleviating physical, mental, and spiritual ailments and is supervised by the SOMA facilitator and helpers.



You, the SOMA teacher, and the plant will all collaborate as a team to decide which plant you will diet.  The plant is chosen to best match your current needs and will become a strong ally to realize the intention that you are holding throughout the process.  Plant options will be provided for you in your first SOMA private session.

SOMA assists in achieving a state of being that fosters one’s receptivity to plant teachings and transmission of power. The particular plant chosen by the both the facilitator and student is one that is best suited to the needs of the individual.  Each plant teacher works on many levels and is effective for certain issues.  For instance, rose is ideal for opening the heart center and healing childhood wounds. Oak tree is wonderful for grounding and tapping into one’s core strengths. Coca can be used to enhance clarity, focus, psychic vision and as an aphrodisiac.



SOMA can be a challenging exercise in personal discipline, focus, dedication, and strength of intention. It is an ‘honor-system” practice in which one receives from it what one puts into it. Each plant has unique and distinctive medicine and healer-teacher spirit qualities that are progressively revealed during the course of SOMA. If undertaken with diligence and discipline, the initiate will learn the nature and application of the plant’s intelligence.  You can experience remarkable personal benefits if you are well prepared, willing to set aside conventional western paradigms, and open to engage in new ways of perceiving the worlds within and around you.



During the 6 weeks in SOMA you will be following a specific food regime. The food list is simple and intentionally bland to heighten subtle sensitivity so one can engage the consciousness of the plant. There is an abstinence from salt, sugar, oils, pork, red meat, animal fats, saturated oils, and hot spices (including three days before & three days after the end of SOMA). Abstinence from sexual activity, including masturbation, is also required.  Sexual abstinence conserves essential energy and focuses mental and spiritual energy in more subtle realms.



The SOMA journey is comprised of daily ingestion of plant teachers (as described above); the elimination of salt, sugar, alcohol, and red meat (plus other particular foods); and abstinence from sexual stimulation. Typically, when people are dieting with plants they are drinking the leaves, and/or roots, and/or flowers of plants that have been brewed into a liquid form.  The plants are ingested either in the morning or in the evening before bedtime.  The amount of liquid may vary from one tablespoon to one cup depending on the type of plant, strength of the concoction, and the reason for the diet.


Gratitude to our companions on this journey, teaching, supporting, and challenging us.  Gratitude to our Sacred Plant Allies.