7 Course Modules

Module 1: ROOT – You are the Case Model

  • Understand your inner energy networks
  • Strengthen your daily health practices

Module 2: GUT – Trust & Consensus in Relationships

  • Retune your Intuition and follow inner wisdom
  • Know Consensus models & build symbiotic relationships

Module 3: SOLAR PLEXUS – Execute The Platform

  • Redefine power for self and others
  • Transform procrastination into action

Module 4: HEART – Design the Nodes

  • Integrate your private and public persona
  • Refine how you operate in the world

Module 5: THROAT – Communicate with Key Assets

  • Know the parameters of non-verbal communication
  • Format effective responses to others

Module 6: MIND’S EYE – Visionary Contracts

  • Mindfulness practices to keep connected to your vision
  • Clarify your life cycle for a sustainable life flow

Module 7: CROWN – Interfacing with the World

  • Organize incoming information to align with your mission
  • Use signs & synchronicities to secure your leadership style

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