As an integrative health advisor and speaker, I guide leaders to manage their energy for maximum success in their romantic and business relationships. I have invested the last 15 years to weaving my PhD research, trainings with mentors, and client feedback into a comprehensive wellness modality called 1Center. I utilize shamanic technologies, solution focused practices, and life coaching skills with individuals and organizations. Clients are able to: Release misaligned stories and perceptions, remember to listen and trust the body, and revitalize a connection with nature.  I am based in Vancouver and serve clients internationally with on-line programs & live retreats in British Columbia, California, New York, & Hawaii.



  • Confidence based in taking responsibility.
  • Openness to change in every moment
  • Everyone is born with their authentic gifts.



Intense initiatory experiences including the loss of my birth parents at the age of 6, experiencing physical & sexual abuse as a child, and grieving the sudden death of my partner catapulted me onto a path of remembering how to trust being in my body and in the world.

As a lover of external adventure I have lived in 15 different cities and travelled to 16 countries.  My path changed into an inner exploration with sacred plant teachers that taught me the importance of embodied spirituality. The most beautiful gifts in life are incredibly simple and available around me all the time.

I am super curious and thrive by experimenting in life which includes singing in trees, dancing in carnivals & geeking out with conscious business systems.

Shifting between the invisible and visible realms, connecting deeply with nature’s intelligence, and playing with innovative thought leaders are my top passions.

One of the most precious transmissions I have received is remembering how to awaken to the possibility of magic in every moment.



I am grateful to have been blessed with the wisdom of diverse mentors and teachers.

  • PhD in Consciousness & Transformation- CIIS
  • Spiritual Counselling – CIIS
  • Masters in Social Work/Counselling
  • 4D Sexual/Spiritual Wheel – Gina Ogden
  • Tantra – Sacred Courtesan School
  • Holistic Sexuality – CIIS
  • Pelvic Heart Integration – Deb Anapol
  • Grief Rituals – Sobonfu Some
  • Pacha-cuti Mesa Tradition – Don Oscar Miro-Quesada
  • Bolad’s Kitchen – Martin Prectel
  • Body Talk – CA Body Talk Institute
  • Medical Chi Gong – Chunyi Yin
  • Herbal Medicine – California School of Herbal Studies
  • Vegetalismo (plant teachers) – Shipibo maestros in Peru



  • “Yalila is that rare combination of thoughtful researcher, spiritual guide, and healer woman whose work is grounded in embodied experience and shamanic ceremony. She’s also an artist and an empath with the vision to hold space for multiple dimensions of our sexual stories—physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual. All of this makes her a clear channel for helping us reclaim our bodies and find our own extraordinary paths to spiritual-erotic awakening.” Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT, author of “Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy” and “The Heart & Soul of Sex.”
  • “In Yalila’s workshop modern psychological techniques have been entwined with ancient spiritual practices to create a powerful space for learning and healing. Yalila leads the group into the land of spirits and shadows on a private intimate journey and tribal celebration of womanhood and femininity. We were looking at our beauty and misery reflected in each other in the atmosphere of gentle grace, acceptance, wonder and playfulness, releasing old pains, forgiving ourselves, loving, laughing a lot, working a bit, bearing and then birthing new self. My deepest gratitude and appreciation to Yalila for creating this workshop and being a skillful, wise, and strong guide.”
  • Natalia Kivak, Oakland, CA
  • “Being in session with Yalila and the group was a healing, freeing, and transformative experience. The space created was safe and open, and I was able to dive into practices and ways of being that were deeply evocative and expressive, giving voice, movement and permission to the deepest parts of my sensual, vital self; it felt natural and powerful. Through the practices and rituals that Yalila guided us in, I not only re-wrote my relationship with myself and my own experience of sexuality, but I did it in a powerful community of co-creators who shared deeply resonant parts of themselves as well. The transformations that took place feel powerful and lasting, and I have the sense that our work will continue to evolve through the community that was created.”
  • Amy Swisher San Francisco, CA
  • “Through the magical space and loving presence of her workshops, Yalila invites participants on a journey of self-discovery through inquiry, experimentation, play, and intentional connection. Co-creating rituals of personal resonance, we re-mythologize our lives, blooming into new ways of embodied being and supporting each others’ commitments to personal and collective visions. Yalila is an agent of an emerging paradigm, seeking wisdom in the wells of female and shamanic pasts to create new traditions that invite balance within ourselves, with each other, and with all our relations on earth. I’m grateful for her unique and gentle guidance, and for the sense of beloved community emerging through this work.”
  • Sarah Walker Scheld
  • San Francisco, CA